Iryna Oia Architecture and design bureau

For us, architecture and design is something more than a set of traditions, norms, rules and client’s wishes. We create a space that can be felt, to capture its character, individuality. For us, each project is like creating a new personality: with its own mood, message and attitude to others.

That is why we are not just an office of architecture and design. We are engineers of a space in which every detail has its meaning, its function. This is the only way to create places where you want to be constantly.

The list of our opportunities is wide:

  • Design of residential, commercial and office buildings, industrial buildings. The work takes into account the wishes of the client, the specifics of the building and other criteria. This allows you to offer the optimal combination of functionality, quality and aesthetics;
  • Reconstruction. When we change, we always strive to make the project not only look updated, but also be able to cope with the new features just as effectively, if it was first built for this purpose;
  • Design of facades. The first impression is the most important, and sometimes even decisive. We will help you create your company, residential complex, business center of the face, which will cause only trust and aesthetic pleasure;
  • Landscaping. Any landscape, even urban, consists not only of facades. They must be complemented and balanced by competently and effectively designed adjacent areas;
  • Interior design development. A rich inner world is important not only for people, so we are ready to help make your buildings beautiful not only on the outside.

During the work of our office more than 20 large projects have been completed. Among our customers, there is a representative office of the European Union in Ukraine.

Whatever idea you have, we will help to transform it from an abstract concept first into a sketch, which will be agreed, finalized, and then turned into a ready-to-implement project.

In our work we are always guided by the following principles:

  • Aesthetics and practicality. We always keep this balance, maintaining the maximum functionality of the space, making it beautiful and modern;
  • We do not copy someone else's design. Using modern trends and opportunities, we create something of our own, special and unique;
  • Everything has its meaning. Any element is an integral part of the overall concept, the great message that is embedded in the project as a whole;
  • The design must have character. Therefore, everything that is designed by our office has its own living atmosphere, a unique spirit;
  • Experiments - Yes! We are not afraid of challenges and risks. The greatest masterpieces of architecture in the world appeared due to these principles. Do you want us to help you become a fashion legislator in design?

The future begins with us, and it begins right now. When creating new buildings, we determine every day what the cities will look like in 5, 10, 50 years. As if assembling a puzzle, we supplement the overall picture with individual particles - new houses and territories.

A good architect knows WHAT can be done, but we also understand HOW to do everything. This allows you to not just encourage experimentation or take the courage to be innovative. Every day we create a culture of design that is based on development and dynamics, which does not stand still; in which each new element is the next stage of architectural evolution.